I'm Nash Data &  Analytics
Turning Your Paperball Into Paperplane

I help companies to make data driven decisions & gain market trends/insights and turn ideas into a functional and delightful experience. I’m focusing on Data Analytics and taking data driven decisions based on insights

Innovations & Redesigns
Of Course There Is No Staff
thumb project msc interface
01 Walmart View project

Walmart - Revenue, Profit, Products Analytics

I collaborated with Walmart to rebuild their Dashboard. This case study explains what the process was, from the user experience to the design system.

thumb project colllect
02 Colllect View project

Google Analytics - Website Analytics, SEO & Google Ads

The journey of designing my first side project, creating the product and Google Analytics Dashboard with new experimentation.

thumb project ankama launcher
03 Ankama View project

Apple - Product Analytics

Case study of designing a Dashboard for a Athletics Analytics, details of the user experience and iteration of the design.

thumb project dartagnan
04 Dartagnan View project

The Amazon- Marketing Analytics

Shows the giants Shipping Analytics all over the world through Amazon prime air,Ground and Waterways .

Data and Business Analytics

Focused on Data Analytics and taking data driven decisions based on insights.

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